In responding to someone on Facebook I shared an animated graphic that showed the timeline where the US took the lead and continues to grow it, in Corona virus deaths,  commenting that this alone should disqualify Trump from being reelected.

Although this is true, it is only one of several reasons that, by themselves, should disqualify him.

So, I put together my list which is below.

But this too, doesn’t tell the full story since all these things are so intertwined and make the sum so much greater than the parts.  

For example, is it his ignorance of the Constitutional principle of the Separation of Powers, especially the oversight role of the Congress that make him defy Congress in it’s duty to check his powers or simply mal intent that kept him from cooperating with Congress on the Impeachment?


  1. Pandemic response – 5% of the world’s population but 24% of the deaths.
  2. Soliciting foreign interference – this is what he was impeached for, of course, but the Mueller Report and the recent Senate Intelligence Committee Report indicate that it has been going on for a long time and continues even if a direct connection to him hasn’t been established. If you believe that where there is smoke there is fire, there is a California wildfire under all that has been revealed.
  3. Personal lack of integrity – A phony university, a phony charity, thousands of lawsuits, stiffing vendors, banks, investors and his own family.  Forget the porn stars, dozens of accusations of sexual misconduct, the association with Jeffery Epstein, and the trophy wives. Small stuff.  It will be the barrage of well documented lies, over 20,000, that are the real clue to his character. The biggest in my mind are, “Mexico will pay for the wall,”  “I’ll disclose my tax returns,” “My health care plan will be better than Obamacare.” After almost 4 years there is no health care plan, or infrastructure plan. Etc,
  4. Immigration – The Muslim ban, the wall, the child separation at the border, detention camps, no resolution of Dreamers status.
  5. Poor management – For a guy that built a reputation as a businessman (through the Apprentice, I suppose) this guy can’t organize or keep good people. There has been an almost total turnover of his cabinet and key staffers, sometimes several times over. And, so many of those on his campaign also turned out to be crooks and grifters…200 plus indictments. For comparison, there were none in the Obama administration. The qualifications of his hires keeps declining because nobody any good wants to be associated with him or his administration. I lost any respect I might have had for Trump when he sent a messenger across the county to fire Jim Comey, first for demanding loyalty from Comey and second, for not having the courage to fire him himself, face to face.
  6. Deficit – Can’t blame him for the stimulus package which was necessary, but you can blame him for the deficit created by the tax cut, the bulk of which went to corporations and the top tier of individuals. Besides being fiscally irresponsible, it also has also exacerbated the hollowing out of the middle class and increased the disparity between the richest and the poorest of us.
  7. Health care – enough said…pandemic, attack on Obamacare with no plan to replace.
  8. Foreign Policy – relations with our allies, especially in NATO are at a low point as are relations with our most powerful adversary, China, because of the trade war. North Korea and Iran are closer to becoming nuclear powers and we’re the laughingstock or the world because of our handling of the pandemic. And about the only logical conclusion you can draw about Trump’s relationship with Russia’s Putin, is that Putin has something on him.
  9. Emoluments – A better word for these are bribes. Trump has not disassociated himself from his businesses as he promised and access and favorable treatment by the administration, is use of the Trump properties at very high rates.
  10. Racism – His dad was in the Klan and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. From his violations of fair housing rules in his business to attacks on “the squad” to his resistance to condemning white supremacists to his amping up the Republican strategy of voter suppression he doesn’t even try to disguise his racism because it’s what he has in common with so much of his base.
  11. Climate Change – the existential crisis of the century is not only being ignored, it is being worsened by the loosening of regulations on polluters in the name of the economy. And talk about the hypocrisy of his promise to “drain the swamp” the current administrator of the EPA was a lobbyist for the coal industry.
  12. Ignorance and stupidity – in the real world you don’t have many really smart people bragging about their brains, or the great schools they went to.  With Trump though, it’s hard to tell where the stupidity begins, and the ignorance takes over.